This is the mid of the 1970’s. Antoine Kaddoum’s father and his family returned to their beloved home village Kafer, Jbeil. The 10 year old Antoine found pleasure and sports in the beautiful nature of the village, yet he also stumbled upon another treasure, one so well-kept by his grandfather: the jars for bee hiving.

At the cost of few bee stings, Antoine and his friends poked the jar to get the honey. When caught by his grandfather, Antoine learned his first bee hiving lesson: “The honey is yours, but don’t harm the bees”, Antoine’s grandfather warned.

These words would become the golden rule Antoine Kaddoum still follows nowadays: ensuring the best environment for the bees is the key for the best quality of honey. These words were the initiators of the venture Antoine would later undertake. Many were the lessons Antoine’s grandfather, who had inherited a legacy of over 75 years of bee hiving experience, passed down to his grandson. Accompanying his grandfather every day to check the bee hives became Antoine’s favorite pastime, a pastime that would later inspire the young man.



If Lebanon is known for its Mediterranean climate and various landscapes from mountain range to fertile plains, to coastal zones, the Lebanese themselves are known for their entrepreneurial inclination, and Antoine Kaddoum was no foreigner to that. After all, it was his idea to poke the honey jar; he similarly realized the potential of developing bee hiving. This is the early 1980’s; the village’s local honey production does not exceed 18 pottery jars, and harvesting honey in pottery jars was the tradition all over the country. With the support of his grandfather, Antoine decided to undertake this venture and started bee hiving with 6 pottery jars. The first harvest of Kaddoum Honey to be marketed was in 1982, and in 1989, Kaddoum Honey had professional commercial packaging and standards.

6 bee hiving jars were his first venture, handmade were the labels of the first honey pots Antoine was selling, and little did he know that only three decades later, Kaddoum Honey would produce more than 40 times that harvest and become a first-class 100% natural high quality honey.

That was the story behind the success of Kaddoum Honey which has become one of the most important Lebanese honey producer thanks to the high standards in terms of quality, healthy bees and constant innovation.
In 2009, following such great success and due to increasing demand and the will to produce in highest norm, Kaddoum Honey’s relocated its premises to a few hundred meters down the valley to a new large facility with a state-of-the-art production. In 2016, Kaddoum Honey has remodeled its logo and renewed its packaging line completely to enter the future with an elegant, modern unique look.

Relying on heritage and words of wisdom, expanding its knowledge and expertise, advancing steadily and cooperatively, Kaddoum Honey marked a new chapter in Lebanon’s book of agricultural riches and wealth.